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  • charcuterie equipements servcies


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We offer a wide range of calibrated casings in standard presentations: rolls and pleated form. Ultimate Packaging for meat products and cheese. Several types are available: 

5 plastics barriers

Made by multilayer technology whereby packaging is impervious to moisture, oxygen and microorganisms. Allowing better preservation of the product and reduce weight loss during storage and cooking. They are present in pleated sticks or in rolls with a wide range of colors and sizes. The printing up to six color in each face is achievable by request.


Hoses whith regular stuffing diameter and easy peeling are adapted to the manufacture of sausages origin from vienna and Frankfurt.


The permeable Fibrous casings used for smoked products.


Collagen casings: replace natural casings, certified "Halal", intended for the manufacture of sausages and merguez. Having the hygienic properties confirmed, the easy handling and storage. Making production yield quite high given that there are no weight loss.

It is not possible for us to present the full range of hoses available, following the many possible combinations (colors, textures, etc.) However please contact our sales department if you need further details on available models.

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