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  • charcuterie equipements servcies
  • charcuterie equipements servcies

Food additives

Food additives are substances added in small amounts to foods to improve the organoleptic quality (taste, texture, appearance). Food additives are divided into several groups according to their role:

Soy protein


Corn starch

Modified starch

Food nitrite

List of additives

Mixtures and spices

The basic mixtures of spices are all made of traditional spices in combination with extracts of spices. Thus the use of assay is reduced and the mixtures are standardized in taste compared to conventional blends.

Standard mixtures

We have a wide range of spices and flavors imported from various European companies (WIBERG) used to give a finished product with better flavors. We offer standard mixtures for different types of products: Salami, Ham, Sausage, Mortadella, burger, kebab, Chawarma, etc ...

Bags cutter

We put our expertise to develop a mixture containing both functional and aromatic components allowing you to save time, ensuring standardization of your recipe and offering special tastes that distinguish you from competitors and to better meet the needs of your customers

Sauces and Marinades

Giving a taste and attractive appearance, they allow the value of your grill, skewers and all types of meat pieces.


List of mixtures